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Why “Europe, Planet Earth”?

The European Union (EU) is now made up of 27 countries, with a population of just under 500 million people (see ‘What is the EU‘ on this site for more details). The EU is rich by global standards, and includes the countries that started the industrial revolution.

In the last few decades, the EU has become one of the leading environmental regulators in the world, agreeing regulations to control factory pollution, chemicals in toys and protection of biodiversity, to name just a few.

The world is facing massive environmental challenges, not least climate change/global warming. What can the EU – and its environmental policies – do to help move us towards a sustainable future? The EU has the power to do a huge amount – but does it have the political will?

This blog is written and edited by Germana Canzi. Other experts – such as dr Michael Warhurst and other leading EU environmental policy experts – will occasionally contribute to it. It contains their personal opinions, and does not necessarily represent the opinions of their employers or clients.

Germana Canzi is an independent climate change & energy policy analyst and runs a small consulting business. She was previously a senior climate campaigner at Friends of the Earth, where she was in charge of the energy and climate change team. Earlier, she worked as an energy policy officer at WWF, the conservation organisation. Based in the European Policy Office in Brussels, she was the organisation’s leading expert on international energy efficiency policy.

She has also worked as a journalist for over ten years, and has published articles on energy and the environment on several publications, including The Wall Street Journal. She runs a separate blog on climate change, Not Just Bad Weather…

Michael Warhurst has been working for Friends of the Earth in London as the senior campaigner in the Reduce Resource Use team since November 2005. His work focuses particularly on EU and UK waste and resources policy, and he is heading up Friends of the Earth Europe’s work on EU Waste Policy.

He has spent most of the last 10 years working on chemicals policy, with a particular focus on the EU’s new REACH chemicals regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), initially at Friends of the Earth in London, and then from 2002 at WWF’s European Policy Office in Brussels. During 2005 he spent 9 months working on US chemicals policy at the Lowell Centre for Sustainable Production in Massachusetts, USA.

He has a Degree in Biochemistry from the University of York, UK, a PhD (in the breakdown of chemicals by bacteria) from the University of Glasgow, UK, and an MSc in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, UK.


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